Incredible Virtual Training

 You’ve tried webinars, you’ve tried teleconference, you’ve even tried live video, but the risk is high and the effectiveness is low.

RVIBE moves the live-classroom online and gets the technology out of your way. Use RVIBE to deliver the highest impact, most reliable Virtual Live Training available.

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Persistent Learning

RVIBE’s Persistent Learning System gives trainers the tools they need to easily coordinate, deliver and track vast amounts of learning all the while working in conjunction with their existing LMS. For learners, getting to their learning from any device, anywhere in a simple-to-use, friendly and social format couldn’t be better.
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RVIBE Institute

Over 30,000 Learners in 12 months can’t be wrong. The RVIBE Institute’s resource center is a great starting place to get the information you need for high impact Virtual Live Training and Persistent Learning.
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